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Our visionary, the one whose footsteps we follow, Sree Kakkathara Raghavan Vaidyar (26th November 1926 to 25th March 2001) who laid the foundation of Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala in 1960. With a humble beginning, but under the able leadership and long vision of Sree Kakkathara Raghavan Vaidyar bring Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala to one of the well known ayurvedic treatement centres in Kerala and now its popularity is now spreding all over India and abroad. Sree Kakkathara Raghvan Vaidyar was a personality who was well versed in Ayurvedic treatements concentrated mainly in Balachikitsa (Pediatrics) and Anapadyam (Infertility). Because of his experience and deep knowledge in the field people from different parts of Kerala came to visit him with their minute and major problems and return with full relief. :: read more
Ayurveda which has its roots in the Vedas is the science of life and is the ancient system of remedy that rejuvinates the mind and body. According to ayurveda the cosmic consciousness and the 5 basic elements combine to form the body. The bodily functions are regulated by “Tridoshas” and their harmonious state is said to be the foundation to good health. Ayurveda is not merely the science of diseases where as it has every aspect of life in its sphere. The eternal science is the collection of principles of life taht took birth with the world itsself and is not liable to change at any time or in any part of world.
Established in 1960 with the aim of protecting our classical science with its purity and for treating the ailments from its root cause. We uphold a rich ayurvedic tradition of three generations in treating the patients and maintaining high quality in manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines. Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala is the initiative of late “Kakkathara Raghavan Vaidyar” who was a renowned ayurvedic physician. ::readmore
Kerala Ayurveda Vaidyasala is attempting to glean out “Swarnamritha Prashanam” project inorder to promote health and immunity in children. Swarnamritha Prashanam is a special medication containing gold and other brain tonics. This medicine is given on every month to impart great efficiency. Administrating Swarnamritha Prashanam to children every month regularly from birth till 16 years of age will ensure many positive attitudes in the child. ::readmore
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